Sew Independent Month, aka SIM, is back! Kinga Skirt, the Goth edition


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kinga skit 2kinga walking   Kinga front

kinga sheer kinga from angl

kinga style

Hi guys and dolls! I was invited to blog about the new SIM bundle and while I’ll probably make up the majority of the patterns in the bundle, given the time I had, I chose the Kinga Skirt by Kate & Rose. e

This skirt is super quick to make and since I’m on a maxi everything kick lately, it fit the bill. With simple patterns, the fun is in picking your fabric. I chose a techno knit I had in my stash along with a mesh (Mesh Queen in the house!) that has a floral print with some metallic threads. I used a straight stitch instead of a serger only because…well, it’s got white in it and I’m lazy. Luckily with a knit, you can leave your seams unattended. Plus, and in my defense, I wasn’t needing the serger for the mesh.

I graded in between the 12 (for the waist and waist facing) down to the 10 (for the hip, cos my junk is on top). I don’t know if my knit is too stretchy or what but the skirt is a bit big on me. That said, if you’re taller than 5’4″ (moi), then you’ll want to lengthen the tiers a bit. I left my mesh un hemmed and it kisses the floor in sandals…with the waist band resting on my high hip. So, take note. Also, I don’t think I really need the side zipper, though, if I had fitted the skirt more, I can see it’s purpose.

A thing on techno knits, dood, use them. Especially if you’ve never sewn with a knit. It’s a double knit and is very soft. One of the pictures of the back view showed a bit too much of mah rumpus so just beware. I wore this skirt with my Kitchy Coo Comino Top– also using a knit/mesh combo (see the trend??)

I can see this pattern getting used again, with some side seam adjustments, and some more knit/mesh combos- I didn’t have enough of the skulls mesh but maybe I can find some more this Halloween.

What do you need to know about the SIM 2 bundle?

Get it HERE! Sale runs from Tuesday September 1st thru Thursday September 10th, here in the U.S.

But wait, why bother with a bundle? In part, it’s kind of a thing right now. And bowties are cool. I mean, bundles are cool. You’re getting a deep discount off a bunch of patterns you’ll likely put into your sewing rotation, the designers are getting some exposure BUT the really cool thing about this bundle is that…

20 PERCENT of proceeds are going to be donated to Women for Women, which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization, and poverty due to war and conflict.

So, you get deals on patterns and you can help support women? It really is that cool.

So, let’s lighten things up a bit. There are going to be some fun blog posts and helpful tutorials going on all during the month of September so check them out. But since we’re all sewcialists (sewing fiends who love our social media), there will be a sewalong contest with prizes!

Who do we have to thank for this SIM bundle? Mari Miller, from Seamster Patterns– formerly Disparate Disciplines. (She took over for Donna and we thank her for it!) So, go on over to Sew Independent, buy yourself one of the bundles, support small female-run pattern companies, and give to charity all with one click. Nitty gritty below.

Have fun sewing!


Pay what you want for the bundle! The more you pay, the more rewards you’ll receive.
  • Pay $25 or more to get the VNA Top, 6101 Fit & Flare Skirt, Bess Top, Nettie Dress & Bodysuit, and Pinot Pants.
  • Pay $32 or more to get the Walkley Vest & Dress and Jasper Sweater & Dress.
  • Pay $38 or more to get the Nautilus Swimsuit, the NEW Kinga Skirt, and the NEW April 1962 Coat.
New Patterns:
The Kinga Skirt by Kate & Rose and the April 1962 Coat by SomaPatterns are brand new patterns that are being released with the bundle. During the sale you can only buy them as part of the bundle.
Links to participating Bundle 2 designers and their patterns:
Links to participating Bundle 2 bloggers:

McCalls 6713 and O! Jolly knits!!


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I finally got around to blogging about McCalls 6713. It feels like I made it eons ago. I know it’s been worn a ton since it came off the sewing machine. It’s made out of a knit- another animal print- surprise! What’s funny- and you’ll know this if you’ve been reading my blog long enough…I used to hate prints and never used animal prints. Crazy to think of since now that’s what I regularly wear.

The only adjustments I made to this pattern was to take up the shoulder seams because they called for shoulder pads. Other than that, it’s exactly how it came out of the envelope. Another moment where you have to love knits!

The other thing I’m showing off here is my O! Jolly yardage gifted to me to try out by the generous Olgalyn in New York. I drafted this shrug and my plan is to show you how I did it- but not in this picture heavy post. Next time.

I have to tell you that this knit yardage is amazing. It’s soft and easy to work with. I highly recommend it. You can buy it here. Worth every penny. As you can see from the pictures, the jersey is a total sweater knit and this cooler weather in Indiana is having me reach for my O! Jolly cardi a lot! Thanks again Olgalyn for the fabric. You’re amazing.

Off to the pictures part.

DSCN7542 DSCN7543 DSCN7544 DSCN7547 DSCN7548 DSCN7550 DSCN7551 DSCN7552 DSCN7553 DSCN7556 DSCN7560 DSCN7561you should b swing

As you can tell, I love this outfit. Now, go sew something!

Trying out a new silhouette: The Trapeze Dress


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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about the trapeze dress. Maybe it’s because we have a client that’s coming in wanting to have one made- I dunno. But I got into thinking, with this whole #sewphotohop thing and the silhouette post, that maybe I’m leaving out looks that I could enjoy.

So, tonight I took the StudioCherie babydoll top that I’ve made a couple of times (3 to be exact) and added length and width to the front and the back to create a waterfall dress- mullet hem, really.

It’s a totally different look than the one I usually sport. What do you think? And before my pictures you’ll see what I was inspired by…


DSCN7537 DSCN7534DSCN7539

DSCN7541   trapeze dress back

My apologies for the goofie pictures inside the house but I HAD to take pictutes.

What do you think? I said on IG that I feel like it’s half mumu half awesome. I’ll wear it next week and see how I feel.

Eric’s comments:

  1. It looks comfortable. (mumu comment)
  2. It would look better as a cape. (agreed)
  3. The print is cool. Are there owls on it?

How do you feel about changing your silhouette?

The Vintagey Hawthorne Dress


DSCN7533 DSCN7522 DSCN7523 DSCN7524 DSCN7525 DSCN7528 DSCN7529 DSCN7530 DSCN7531 DSCN7532

I love this dress! Can you tell?

I also chose not to overfit the front of the bodice- which meant that I wasn’t going to take in the bust- a hard thing to do, I must add, but a thing I have to do as of late just so I don’t overfit.

Are you into overfitting?? Do you pick and pick at a dress until you can’t anymore and call it perfect?

What’s the point that you stop fitting?? Big question for me here…

Also, YAY! I finished something.

Sewing Menswear and A Gatsby Party


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This weekend there was a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis with a Gatsby theme. Of course, it gave me two things: an opportunity to sew and a deadline- two things I LOVE. So, I went to work.

For my outfit, I did some research and sketched out a concept:

Gatsby dress sketch

In the end, I opted out of the scarf in front but drafted the boxy top part of the dress and added to it a handkerchief hem skirt. I also added on a bit of bling to the left front of my skirt at the seam. My big excitement with this dress is that I used some sequin knit Prada I bought from the dress shop. First time I ever bought fabric so expensive and so amazing. Sewing sequins wasn’t all that difficult and I serged my edges with no fuss.

I added my short curly haired wig and other accessories. I even went all out with make-up, though I feel like I pulled back from my second trial run. Here you can see what I worked on. I aimed for Clara Bow.

IMG_20150704_124047820_HDR IMG_20150704_124142627 IMG_20150704_124245713_HDR IMG_20150704_124320805

And now we get to menswear. I made Eric a suit- vest and trousers. I used the Laughing Moon trousers I used for one of the actor’s for the Steampunk Weekend. The period is a little earlier but I think we got the look we wanted.

This vest and trousers are my favorite and highest quality make. Plus…MENSWEAR! I love menswear!

So, here we go. Photo time!


The cocoon coat is from a Ralph Pink pattern- I just have never blogged about it.



IMG_20150710_211426 IMG_20150710_211313080

Geez, Eric looks good!


This last one is my favorite, though they really are all my favorites. Can’t help myself from sharing them everywhere!


We’re thinking next up will be 1930s but you never know where the wind will blow us.

Happy Costuming, folks! Stay classy.

1920s Dreaming and a Gatsby Party


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There’s a Gatsby party coming up in a couple of weeks and tonight I decided I’d go. With all the draping I’ve been doing at the dress shop, my skills are getting, little by little, better and more trustworthy. I have a lot to learn, don’t get me wrong. I’ll toot my own horn when it comes time.

Here’s a project I did at work that really pumped me up to drape more at home. Made this from scratch- only thing my designer helped me with was the lining. Of course, she advised me all along the way. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.


And then I went home and a couple of weeks later, started playing with a silk jersey I bought. On a whim, I started playing with draping something bridal. 11668063_10153305086355395_1071738638_n

So, now with this party coming up, I want to drape a 1920s evening gown. The cool thing about working for a bridal designer is that I have access to some really high end materials.

Here are some photos of inspiration:

3010-draped-evening-gown_1920 depew

I really like the beaded piece at the hip.

Vionnete 1920s fringe

From Vanity Fair: “In Vionnet’s early years as a designer, fringe was a popular embellishment, as seen on this 1925 silk-crêpe dress. Photograph by Hideoki, 1925.

I admit the 1920s isn’t the easiest to pull off when you have more of a 1950s body. I’ll have to wear a strapless bra I have the flattens me out quite a bit to get that boyish look that was so popular in the 20s. It will be challenging for me personally not to nip in at the waist but I’ll hold back. Promise!

Time is short but I think I’ve got this. Just have to collect materials and not break the bank doing it. ha! Isn’t that the challenge when doing costumes. I am going to go through the silk crepe we have at work. We must have something for me to fall in love with!

Anyone out there playing with 1920s shapes and draping? Any 20s dreaming or inspiration you know I need to have?

Show and Tell: Animal print pencil skirt



I drafted this skirt at the same time as the sweater knit pencil skirt suit (yet to be blogged) and honestly, it’s the easiest thing in the world! I used my own measurements and took out an an and a half to accommodate the stretch in the twill, inserted an invisible zipper, a a waist facing and serged and stitched the hem and I was ready for a work day at the dress shop. It’s a high waisted skirt but I opted to use a belt for some reason. Who knows why? ha!

I’ve been working so much lately that knits are my go-to project. They’re easy to fit and I keep using TNT patters so that I know what I’m getting in the end. It’s been pretty awesome.

animal pencil back animal pencil front 2 animal pencil front animal pencil side

Have a great week! Perhaps I’ll see you on Twitter this Friday for Fabric Chat! Don’t know what the theme will be but I’m sure we can come up with something.

Hey, what’s your go-to sewing project?

My Feather Mission (actually a) Maxi!


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I’ve made Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi a bunch of times. I love the fit and just how easy it is to finish- the beauty of knits! We have this feather knit in the dress shop and I knew I wanted to make the Mission Maxi out of it. I bought 3 yards and, really, should have bought 4 since the repeat is so large. I did what I could and I’m pretty happy with it but just need to remember that a large pattern repeat requires perhaps another whole yard to match things up with this pattern- especially the godet version.

Putting the godet together was simple and I quickly had a new dress. I love how elegant I feel wearing a little train behind me! Love it! I’ve had this make done for a while but I’m finding that this year’s MeMadeMay is getting me to blog the stuff I haven’t had a chance to show off!

Feather Maxi dress godet

Feather Maxi dress front

Feather maxi dress back

Feather Maxi dress close up Feather Maxi dress side close

Feather Maxi dress front close

Definitely one of my favorite dresses right now! This pattern is great for playing with prints, as once you have the fit down, it’s a really fast make. I did use this stretch single fold organza we have in the shop and even with a zig zag it makes the finishing really clean and gorgeous. The longest part of making this dress was the pattern placement- as you don’t wanna end up with feathers right on your Eve! Granted, the tip of the front feather is pointing to my lady parts but I’ll take that over the other option.

Feather prints, come to mama!

Have a great week everyone and keep the drama in your wardrobe.

by hand London Hawaii Holly Jumpsuit Reveal


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Today has proven to be a lovely day of running around, laughing with my kids and Eric, yummy food, playground time and, as you will see, blog photos! I used my tripod but my 8 year old asked if she could help so we can applaud her for her work.

Like I said in my last post, I had already made the pants on the Holly jumpsuit so all I had to do was fit the bodice. I cut the largest size for length at the waist but kept my size for the width so it would match the pants. I did grade up on the front only to give the girls a little more room. I cut the highest size on the cowl and after measuring myself and the flat pattern, knew I’d have enough room in all directions.

I used a Hawaiian Floral Print Crepe de Chine by Maggy London that I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics. Sadly, it’s all gone. I was going back and forth about lining it but I left it as is and it’s very wearable and comfortable without a lining. Perfect for today’s 70 degree weather! I’m all about the Hawaiian prints right now so don’t be surprised if you see more coming from me.

I do wonder if I should have put in plastic boning into the sides of the bodice. If not that, I might want to shorten the sides by about 1/2″, though really, it’s fine. I’m really trying not to overfit things over here. Working at the dress shop has helped me with not overfitting.

I am in serious over drive in the jumpsuit department. Just need to pair recent pattern purchases with fabric. And I know you have to basically get undressed to go to the bathroom but I honestly don’t care. My aim is to make all the jumpsuits this Sprint/Summer. I also can see myself using the bodice on the Holly and pairing it with a skirt, both long and short. I do like wearing a bra so we’ll see what I decide when it comes to the spaghetti straps next time.

Hawaii Holly front 2Hawaii Holly back   Hawaii Holly front Hawaii Holly sideHawaii Holly closeup

I won’t promise to post pictures of everything I’ve made since January- I tried but I kept sewing and never had daylight to take photos of all my Jungle January stuff. I do want to show off a couple of special makes. Let’s hope the sun powers me up!

Have a great weekend! And for crying out loud, WEAR A JUMPSUIT!

Jumpsuit Fever

Yes. I’ve got jumpsuit fever. It’s bad. I’m buying all the jumpsuit patterns and have plans to make them ALL! I’m working up the By Hand London Holly version 2 right now. The Holly trousers I made came out so well I knew I was ready to cut.

I was told on IG to mock up the bodice because it’s short so I cut the longest size, the size that would match the trousers for me and then went up one size for my bust and cut the tallest size on the top of the drape. The back I cut to my size and at the fitting it seems to work well. I really did need the length for my bust size.

received_10153150049385395 IMG_20150419_214823136

The second photo only shows the front bodice and front trouser pieces but honestly, I’m excited!

In the first photo you can see my scuba knit skirt I finished this weekend.


I really want to work with scuba knits again. So easy to work with. On my facebook page, I got the idea to make scuba knit pants! What a great idea. Thank you Sharon!

So, my hope is to finish my Holly jumpsuit for a show I’m hoping to go to tomorrow night. It’s Bloodshot Bill. He’s an amazing rockabilly guy.

Check him out. He’s cool. And so are jumpsuits!!!


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