LBD#1: Moving forward from 2nd Tissue Fitting

The second tissue fitting was really an eye opener. I really need to select a smaller-than-you’d-think pattern and adjust everything else.

I suppose I could take a pattern that fits my hips and adjust waist, bust and shoulders.

The shoulders are giving me the hardest time. I’m trying not to let it bother me but when using a pattern with a shoulder measurement that fits my waist, I’m quickly learning that I’ll have a nice 80’s off the shoulder look.

I really don’t want that. Really don’t.

That’s why it doesn’t bother me to adjust everything. This exercise is really showing me, first hand, that I CAN take any pattern, any size, and adjust it to fit my body (regardless of how many kids I’ve been pregnant with).

I’m getting a tickle in the back of my throat and while I have enough energy to do some hand basting and write some thoughts here, I don’t have the energy to put up photos.

Will you trust me? It’s coming along.

I already cut into my fabric and, as I mentioned, did some hand basting of the bust and waist (front and back) darts. It’s not the nicest basting I’ve ever done. Now, the three pieces (one for the front and two for the back) are pinned to my double- who doesn’t have a sore throat- and I’ve already made some adjustments that have to be marked before I can take it down to sew together.

I’m still dealing with the excess in the upper chest (not the bust). One of the ways I started to deal with this excess was to cut a line down from the front neck edge so I could open up the neck and create a bit of a relaxed lapel of sorts.

I still have some decisions to make, like how much interfacing/backing I’m putting in and whether I want to add sleeves or leave it sleeveless.

I promise photos for the next bit of dress chatter. Thanks for reading.

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