LBD #1: Second Muslin Fitting

My suggestion to those of you who are preparing to make your own duct tape dress form, make sure you tape down below your hips. If you don’t, you’ll end up like me, with a muslin pinned to your form with little idea as to how much to pin the hip/thigh area.

I have to say, other than that, I think I’ll always prefer an exact replica rather than a standard dress form. A standard form can be altered slightly and you can buy kits to add padding in different areas of your form, but the duct tape form or something similar to it (like a plaster cast form) will be the truest dress form you’ll ever have.

Did you enjoy the bland back view of my muslin? Yeah. I thought not.

Here’s the muslin from the front. You might notice the muslin neck hasn’t been cut yet. That high of a neck does not flatter those of us with a big bust. Along with tight turtle necks, a high closed neck will only get people to stare more than they normally would.

Here’s the muslin on a live me. As you can see it’s fitted in the bust and looser in the hips. It won’t be as loose as it is during this fitting but I will be leaving several inches of ease for stress-free bending over.

Next post will feature the lovely black fabric I bought at the Vogue Fabric Warehouse. I dare you to go there and not spend a mini fortune.


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