Australian Landscapes Calendar

Over the last couple of days I’ve been drawing. Designing, I guess you might say. I got inspired by the calendar Josh got us for Christmas.

Pictures of different parts of Australia- a place I lived and almost thought I’d settle in. I liked it so much.

The colors and the wonder of Australia got me to start sketching dress designs that either are meant to look like the photography in the calendar or give it a nod.

I’m playing with lines and texture. The desert, the city, the juxtaposition of the two. When I get a chance I’ll scan the sketches so you can see them.

I went to Vogue Fabrics to continue this exercise. I bought fabric to make 3 of the dresses.

It would be great to get 12 looks from this Australia calendar. In the meantime, I see these designs as another set I can pull from. See, I’m now envisioning a year or so of design and sewing at which point I want to pick 3 looks that stand out from the rest.

I look forward to sharing my sketches.

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