2011 Australian Calendar: September

The Inspiration:

Wave rock near Hyden, in Western Australia.

The Dress Design:

A fitted bodice in a solid and the skirt fabric is meant to resemble the awesome natural ocurence from the Australian landscape. This was my first try at using a croquis from Threads. I used the plus-sized croquis and I think it actually is the closest to what my body actually looks like. I’m now a fan of the croquis.

You’ll see as I post the rest of the designs that my sketches are already getting better. I’m a novice sketcher and I’d appreciate any critiques that’ll help me in my fashion drawings.

The Fabric:

A heavyweight home decor fabric with pin stripes. As you can see from the close-up, it has little flecks of the light blue stripe all over, giving it a little less of a business look. I like the weight of the fabric. It’ll actually have the stiffness I see in the photo and it will be fitted, something I like.

2 thoughts on “2011 Australian Calendar: September

  1. Jodi says:

    It’s really fun to see your inspiration and your sketch.

    I have to say I was suprised to say you were thinking of home dec weight fabric based on your sketch. I was thinking of something more flow-y and clingy.

  2. Leila says:

    Thanks, Jodi. It’s turning into a fun process by which I’m learning more than I could have envisioned walking into it.

    I was wrong. The material isn’t home decor. It isn’t as flowy as my sketch indicates. The fabric is also dark blue and the colors in the sketch are black. Part of that is due to not finding exactly what I was looking for but settling for something I felt I could work with.

    I’m thinking of adding godets at the bottom of the dress to give it that flare.

    Mostly, it’s my inexperience with a lot of fabrics that I’m dealing with. I suppose more time and experimentation are needed on my end. Thanks again for the comment. It’s nice to know you’re reading.

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