The Inspiration:

Wave rock near Hyden, in Western Australia.

The Dress Design:

A fitted bodice in a solid and the skirt fabric is meant to resemble the awesome natural ocurence from the Australian landscape. This was my first try at using a croquis from Threads. I used the plus-sized croquis and I think it actually is the closest to what my body actually looks like. I’m now a fan of the croquis.

You’ll see as I post the rest of the designs that my sketches are already getting better. I’m a novice sketcher and I’d appreciate any critiques that’ll help me in my fashion drawings.

The Fabric:

A heavyweight home decor fabric with pin stripes. As you can see from the close-up, it has little flecks of the light blue stripe all over, giving it a little less of a business look. I like the weight of the fabric. It’ll actually have the stiffness I see in the photo and it will be fitted, something I like.