Finished: April Australian Calendar Dress

After making the straps on the corset bodice of the Modern Victorian New Year Dress too thin, I went and changed the design a little. It went from this:

to the more comfortable:

I took a dress I already liked and added some ease but kept the gentle shaping in the waist and hips. It’s a relaxed fit and I’m totally bumping up the heat to wear it this morning, even for just an hour!


5 thoughts on “Finished: April Australian Calendar Dress

    • Leila says:

      Thanks, Lacey. I like it. It’s comfy. I feel like I’m poolside- even though it’s January. 😉 But, I think, in keeping with the design sketch, I’d like to make another one on the bias so the stripes more closely convey the photo from the calendar.

  1. Erika Sews says:

    Hi there Leila! I sent you an email to request your mailing address to send off the Benartex fat quarters to you! I’d like to send them off to you this weekend – so if you get a moment, please shoot me an email. Thanks! – Erika

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