Costume and LBD #2

Current sketch of my top half Steampunk Snow White costume.

First, I had to try making a corset. I’m new to this and a dear friend who I’ll be dressing up with suggested I do some dry runs first. Well, here’s the first corset I’ve ever made. I used spiral steel boning that came in the kit for the corset pattern I used (Simplicity 9769) from I loved using the kit. Everything comes ready to use. Great for a first timer.

Then, I worked on the period drawers. Here I’m starting to look more put together- for what it’s worth, undergarment-wise.

I finished the chemise from the same pattern envelope. I added the side panels but didn’t set in the sleeves because I wanted to have bare arms for the rest of the costume. I basically made a casing for the red ribbon you see tied center front and going over my shoulders.

I’m currently working on a smaller size corset- the first was a size 20 and now I’m going to work on a size 16. A tight but still comfortable measurement of my waist is 32″ so I should be okay with the size 16.


My second LBD has been sorely overlooked lately. I’ve had it cut for over a month now and haven’t touched it at all. It’s definitely getting nicer out and I keep thinking I won’t want a black dress. It’s sleeveless so I may just want that sort of thing. I do want to get back to the other dresses from the Australian Calendar Collection I started.

In the meantime, this costume has my attention. I’m on a roll. I should get a pattern for the bustle in the mail next week at which point I’ll be knee deep in more stuff I’ve never done before.

It feels good to push myself like this. I’ve never worked with this much fabric in one sitting, nor have I worked with busks and boning or bustles and all that it entails. It’s exciting, to say the least.


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