Victorian Bustle

Now that I have the chemise and drawers done, I can move on to making the bustle for my costume. One of the nice things about making a bustle is that I can use it for other costumes in the future- yes, I’ve been hit by the costuming bug.

Here’s the bustle I’ve chosen. It’s got bustle wire underneath the top of the ruffles you see in the picture. So, in essence, it serves as the bustle and the petticoat.

Truly Victorian, where I got this pattern from, also sells pre-cut bustle wire ready to work with. Good thing cos I can already feel myself panicking. I have a little anxiety before a new project. I should be used to it by now but it always surprises me.

Here’s what the bustle wire looks like:

I’ve got sewing to do for other people  this week so we’ll see how productive I can be on those things first- then I get to play with this pattern. In browsing the bustle pattern and directions, it doesn’t seem that difficult. It’ll just be a lot of ruffling and lots of materials to work around.

This is just the beginning.

Once all the undergarments are done, I can start on the underskirt and the overskirt. The trim is where I don’t have as much experience. I’ll be tapping into my friends’ wealth of knowledge for that.

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