Victorian Underskirt Muslin

I was about to say that I love the process of making a garment fit right but really that’s what’s keeping me from finishing my LBD #2. It’s cute but I just can’t get the fit right. I’m starting to believe that I measured myself wrong, or poorly, or both. I thought I should’ve been altering the pattern size for one size but when I remeasured my high bust, the number was smaller than when I picked the pattern size.

I spent a lot of time fitting the tissue. I won’t drop the LBD #2 project altogether but for now I need to work on something else. I’ll just keep bouncing from one tricky project to another until I can finish each.

Madness in to-do list method

As an aside, you’d think that method wouldn’t work but I sure does for me. I know I’ll never cross everything off all my sewing to-do lists. Oh, you don’t have multiple to-do lists for your sewing work? Enter confession time. I’ve got my sewing to-do list for the day, which I draft up either the afternoon before or the morning of; my overall current sewing to-do list; my back-burner sewing to-do list; my sewing repairs to-do list; and then other items that get bumped off all of these lists because I just can’t stand to look at them. They get left in a pile, behind a box, in the depths of my sewing closet.

Currently filling my head

Anyway, on my current sewing to-do list is this costume. I couldn’t get myself to do the muslin (or mock-up, or whatever you call it) until today. It was amazing! It just flew. I don’t understand what kept me. Then I realized what it was: shoes. I just bought the shoes for the costume this weekend. Without THE shoes, how can you hem your skirt to the right height? But, really, THAT was keeping me from starting? Ok.

On to the Photos already!

Here are a couple of photos. I don’t have much photo-wise cos the hubster is off at a conference. In other words, I’m too eager to share what I’ve accomplished, but don’t have a tripod to get a shot that’s not a mirror image. Forgive the mirror image. Look past it, if you can.

underskirt mock 001

underskirt mock 004

Next, I”m playing with the yellow charmeuse to see what underlining to use. I like the stiffness of the twill underlining the underskirt but I’m playing with something softer for the back drapery.

How many of you prefer to underline rather than make a separate lining?

One thought on “Victorian Underskirt Muslin

  1. Jodi says:

    So fun! I don’t know a whole lot about linings/underlinings so I have no advice. However, it is so fun to see you make your costume! It is such a fun silhouette and I can see how woman found it beautiful in its time. The bustle looks great!

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