Robot Princess?

Ok. I don’t know what else to call this project and this name is sticking like gum in my hair so I’m going with it.

Remember the four gore skirt I made that was intended for our New Years Eve party? Here’s the post I wrote about that process.

Here’s the dress in case you don’t feel like clicking on the old post. I don’t blame you.

Modern Victorian New Year 021

I think the addition of this corset top makes the skirt work better. It is a fashion corset so the shaping is different than my Snow corset. It’s also an overbust corset which I think suits me better. As an aside related to fitting, when I was trying on the muslin of the corset, I had to take in some fullness just above the bust. That made the center top seam straight, creating a very ugly (yet familiar) pointed bust seam. I remembered that awful alteration from the dress I wore for my wedding reception. I hated that dress and the alterations that were made but now I can see that it was just a rush job.

Robot Princess

I tried to give you a longer shot. I need to con my hubby into helping me make another duct tape dress form cos mine is now outdated. (psst, I lost weight)

Robot Princess

As I waited for this poor little laptop to load flickr, I had an idea of adding a cape (not super hero-y, more high priestess-like). Should I do it the same material as the center panel of the corset? Or is that too much? Hmmm.

To Stephanie, my Unfinished Project Fairy: This is not a new project, rather a return to an unfinished one. I’m glad I’ve returned to this skirt. Poor girl doesn’t have a waist band or a hem- sad, sad shape she was in.

I should have my crafting ladies come over for some brainstorming and evening fun.

Any thoughts? Another fantasy/sci-fi character/persona this could be? I know I’m working sorta backwards on this costume. I just like how its coming about and even though I’m not sure about the details, I want to keep working on it.

I apologize for the lack of pictures for my Snow costume. I had it on the other day and took some really hard to see photos with my phone, in the mirror. Yup. They’re blurry. I hope to have some really cool photos by the end of July.

I’m excited to start thinking about another Steampunk costume to put together. Now that I have the confidence from making all the Victorian stuff for Snow, I’m more inspired to dive into another costume.

I’m also going to help a friend put together her Halloween costume. She wants to be a fairy- with fashion corset and all. I can’t wait to see her sketches.

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