I’m still very new to corsetmaking but after using a store bought pattern and drafting my own, I have to say the drafted version is by nature better fitting. I will always recommend, for a tight lacing corset, that you leave a gap in the back for body fluctuations. I say that as a nursing mom. A mom, period. My body is very slowly shedding the weight I put on from my two pregnancies. I haven’t been too eager to shed the weight but as the kids have become more active and less dependent on me, I’ve had opportunities to get out for a jog or get some other exercise.

I got side tracked there. I was talking about drafting corsets. I’m not going to get into details right now. I’ve got a corset to work on for my friend and after comparing the corset material with the skirt material my other friend had, it became apparent that they weren’t going to work. And neither of us could let our friend look bad, so I’m back at work.

I’m glad I didn’t go forward and finish the first corset (really, it’s a waist cincher) because then I’d have to tear it all up to pull out the boning and busk.

If I’m quiet and low on pictures of my WIPs, I’ll surely make up for it in August, after my trip (where I’ll be wearing the costumes I’ve made).