Pygmalion’s Statue Dress

When I was at Comic Con last weekend, I bought a print that I want to try to convert into a costume gown. When I first made my purchase, I had no idea how to create something like this but as I’ve been doing some brainstorming and research online, I’m getting some idea of how I might go about it.

I’m interested in this project just to see if I can do it. That’s it. Not gonna wear it out on the town, or try to become famous for it. I just wanna try to make it. Learn from it.

Let me start out by sharing the print I bought first. It’s by Mark Winters. I got a chance to talk to him and he’s really cool. I was just walking by, browsing, and this piece jumped out at me. I absolutely love it. You can see his other work on his website, but this is the one I purchased:

If you’re curious as to what other images are inspiring me for this creation, go over to my Pinterest board for this brainstorm and take a look.

If you’re also curious as to whether I’m covering up my top half, yes, yes I will cover up. I’m a modest woman.

I hope to get in touch with an old friend who makes amazing costumes, and mixes mediums. I’m currently thinking of adding structure as in using wires, a la hoop skirts, but twisted and turned to create shapes, and molding fabric over this structure. I’ll probably be taking little stabs at this process on my mini dress form before investing much else.

This is my great costuming challenge. Any suggestions are welcome. Telling me I’m crazy for attempting this is also welcome. Curiosity is welcome. Support is welcome. An architects help is also very, very welcome.

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