Cinderella’s Waist Cincher

Here she is! In full splendor! My friend B rocked her new cincher as we walked around the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con. It fit really well and she seemed happy with it, so yay!

We’re already talking about the next project.

I’ll be writing more about my own costumes in the next couple of weeks. And I already know how I’m going to add to the Snow White costume. Can anyone say red cape?

3 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Waist Cincher

    • Leila says:

      I’m SO glad you like your cincher, B! So glad. I love it, too. You know I wanted to keep it. hehehe. Not kidding. 🙂 I totally have to make this red cape. Have to!

  1. youseef44 says:

    Hello I did not expect that this work was the carrier and perfection when Donning, it preserves the beauty of the chest and waist so much, and should feel beautiful lady in the picture of beauty, which has, it’s a decent lot and preserves the beauty of her stylish, color coordinated a lot, especially with the beautiful blond hair and prominent breast and exciting. Great patience in waiting for the next work, this work makes women feel the happiness, especially when it is also beautiful. And you are beautiful

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