Remember my LBD 1?

Here are some mirror shots of my first LBD. I have to be honest, I was so done with it after it was all put together, and even thought I did wear it a couple of times, it still just sat in the back of the closet. I didn’t even take a bunch of postable photos to share. That’s how indifferent I was with it.

There are some things I want to fix on this dress. For instance, the facings. Oh, those facings! I’d rather have made an entire lining for the dress. Honestly, facings!

Ok. I’m gonna settle down on facings for now.

I’d also like to bring the hem up. I mean, I’m modest, but this is a little more conservative than even I am. Some days I do like the lower hem; some days I like the hem a wee bit more youthful. I’m probably saying that since I just turned a year older. I’m putting a dent into my 30’s and my knees are already acting up!

It’s basic. Basic can be good. I mean, basic can take you from season to season. That’s what a little black dress is supposed to do. Accessories can do miracles. The thing is that I’m already curvy and I like things to fit well (which is why I’m making my own dresses in the first place), so I’m not entirely sure this dress fits as well as it could.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s comfortable… But how many dresses can you have that are Basic, Comfortable, and Conservative. I’m still in my 30’s. And while those three words could potentially describe most of my wardrobe, I’m trying to mix things up a bit.

Back to the dress. I like it. (I’m sure you were hoping for more of a conclusion, but that’s as good a conclusion as I’ve got.)

2 thoughts on “Remember my LBD 1?

  1. Jodi says:

    I think the hem is super flattering, and it is a wonderful basic piece. The dress looks like it fits well, I love that it accents your curves instead of “tent” them. The dress doesn’t have to be a statement on its own. Add funky accessories and you will look smashing!

    • Leila says:

      And that’s why you’re so awesome! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I also like the hem length… but then I don’t… and then I do… you see what happens in my head. 😉 Thanks again, Jodi.

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