othersewing 004


One thought on “othersewing 004

  1. youseef44 says:

    You have luck in getting a beautiful dress that is rare at this time and few women know that it is very beautiful, opening the chest and wide and the ring is beautiful, and appropriate, the color of the dress is very beautiful, it seems appropriate to your body completely. Have you re-minimize it? Size is not large, but rather you are a woman your body dramatically in size, and this is rare in other women, beautiful in this dress in that broad at the waist to the middle of the foot, suitable for the functioning and out around the house and when you go to the neighbors, do not worry because the Pocket !! You look beautiful when you put hand in pocket,
    This makes you forget the 30 and becoming in the 18!! Beautiful shoes and dress appropriately for the color, you have beautiful feet at the bottom, you probably have another idea for the shoes?

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