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I went pattern shopping today with my husband. He’s great. I sat him down to browse The Books while I grabbed the patterns I had chosen online at home. Mission accomplished. Patterns acquired.

I also figured out how I should organize my patterns. On one level, they need to be ordered by garment type. Dress, pant, childrens, etc. Then, further in groups according to recommended fabric.

Later in the day, we went to the mall where I had a bra fitting. With this better fitting undergarment, I just HAD to try on the Banana Republic Mad Men dresses.

I didn’t try them all on. Just two from the collection and another dress from the flowers collection that caught my eye.

Here are a couple of photos I got of the dresses I tried on.

Overall, my normal size fit really well. I was amazed. I could still tell it was off the rack but in light of most ready to wear being cut for a B cup, Banana Republic is outdoing itself.

Must be the cut and style because normally I can’t fit into RTW dresses, except for BR.

I now want to make the white lace dress. It fit so nicely and was a fresh look for me. I’ve never worn a lace dress and would’ve never considered one in this off white/light cream color. I would just choose a slightly more opaque lining. But that’s a minor adjustment.

I’m truly inspired to get back to my dress sewing, though I do have two dresses to share with you. They have stories of their own. Until then.

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