Pattern Purchase from Labor Day Weekend


Over Labor Day weekend, I had a chance to go to a fabric store that was having a sale on their McCalls patterns. I had been looking online to see what patterns I liked and thus save me time when at the store. I always assume I’m gonna have to be lightening quick- as in, with the kids.

I didn’t go with the kids. I went with Josh, which did make for a different experience than going alone but still very enjoyable. I did have to keep my drool to a minimum when staring at fabric. I tried a methodical approach and I think it worked. We’re funny, I know.

But back to patterns. Here are the patterns I bought plus one, at the end, that I’d love to have in the future. I’ll talk about what drew me to each pattern below the picture.

I like sleeveless dresses. In Fall, you can layer and still be ready for a wee bit of warmth, or running around after kids. I also love the very simple detail of the side pleated skirt. I think it’s eye catching.

This dress drew me in because of the color blocking potential. I also have a wool blend I think would look nice as this dress. Another thing that got my attention is that this pattern has added in different cup sizes. You get helpful alterations for an A-D. I’m already used to doing the FBA so I don’t feel like I need this added patternage, but I’m still curious how it works out.

I absolutely love this neckline. I might even have to make it in white. I’m falling for the whole white dress thing. Can’t help myself. I also appreciate the wider straps which are part of the design but hide thicker straps underneath, if you know what I mean. (I only speak in code sometimes to avoid spammers.)

I’m a sucker for wide legged pants and once cooler weather hits- as it is now here in Indy- I’m ready to pull out the pants. If you know me IRL, you know I dislike pants in the summer. I think I wore pants a total of 5 times all summer long. I avoid them like the plague. But when it’s cooler, I can’t get enough of them. I like these because of the wide yoke and the fact that they sit just a little lower than the waist.

These Claire Shaeffer pants are the kind of pants I need to dedicate time to. They are part of her Couture Collection which shouldn’t scare anyone. Couture means different things to different people. To me, it means Time. If you’ve ever picked up a couture garment you can feel the time that was spent on it. In one of Schaeffer’s DVDs, she says that machine sewing makes a garment stiff. Hand sewing doesn’t do this. You have to remember that this is what she does.

I don’t hand stitch everything I should hand stitch but when I do it does make the garment feel different, I’ll give her that. Anyway, this pattern would teach me a lot. It would be like going to a class with Schaeffer herself.


First on the to-do list is to pick one of these dresses (I’m waiting on the pants) to make first. I might go with the long sleeved dress first just because of the impending weather. I’ll open up the whole pattern, check what the final measurements are (these are different than the ones printed on the envelop of the pattern- they include ease) and decide which size to start with before I do the FBA on the D cup. This should be interesting.

I’m almost curious enough to do assembly line style on pattern altering. Just go from one pattern to the next. I feel like I learn a lot that way- doing it over and over again in a short time frame. Let’s see what the week holds for me.

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