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Remember this dress I was set out to make?

Well, I started out by working on the pattern alterations and did my normal FBA (Full Bust Adjustment, for those of you late to my party). This pattern comes with 4 different cup sizes for the bodice so I started with the largest one- and yes, I did think I needed more room.

Now that it’s done, I’m thinking of doing a plain muslin with the D cup bodice but altering other aspects of the pattern.

For instance, I somehow managed to make the dress both too large and too tight. It’s too large in the front because of the FBA I did. An FBA also adds inches to the front of your dress, which I thought I wanted but now that it’s done, I see it wasn’t necessary.

It also turned out to bee too tight in the armholes, which is probably because I used my High Bust measurement, giving me a snug armhole, which I like. However, with the added sleeve, I needed a little more room for my arm to, you know, move freely and stuff.

I cringe every time I look at this photo, so do be kind if you decided to make a comment or suggest a fix:

Plaid Dress

It’s so not flattering for an inverted triangle as myself to have this open of a top:

Plaid Dress

Here you can see how much extra fabric there actually is on the skirt. The bodice just makes me look bigger, period.
Plaid Dress

I’m gonna finish sewing the bodice lining to the skirt and then throw it at a second hand store. Is that mean? I think someone with a different body than mine might actually look good in this. Really.

So, why share this with you?

I’m proud of how lined up my plaids are, even on the zipper:
Plaid Dress

I did my first bagged-in hem. The easiest hem to do and so nice looking. Plus, the whole dress is lined. It looks nice from a seamstress point of view but not from a fit POV.

I like that I’m stubborn enough to go back to this pattern and work on it again and see if I can actually get it to fit right. I really need heavier weight muslin cos the stuff I have is a lot thinner and won’t behave the same as, say, this wool fabric I used.

Tomorrow I hope to pick up a book on grading patterns. I hope that reading helps me here, and with other vintage patterns I own.