Remember my last post. A very sad post. I was hurting a little. The plaid dress came out very big in the shoulders and all over was just not right. I thought I was done.

A couple of hours went by and I realized I wasn’t done. I wasn’t gonna let a pattern- a piece of very thin tissue paper- run me over like that. I tried it again.

I took some of the advice I read on Pattern Review and it really did help.

I didn’t add enough to the bust but at least I’m not swimming in this new dress. Also, I finally get to wear this fabric I used for the skirt. I repurposed it from a dress I made a year ago. I also had problems with the sleeves a year ago.

I think this means I need to challenge myself to making lots of dresses with sleeves this next year. My self imposed challenge. Here are some photos. I know I can do better but this is an improvement.

Here are also my two reviews of this same pattern on Pattern Review: click here for Reviews.

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I really need a tripod. I’m getting sick of my mirror shots.