Butterick Pattern Sale, I was in you!

Joann is having a sale on Butterick patterns this week, so I went out and got the patterns I saw online that I wanted. I couldn’t find one of the ones I wanted, but I’ll live.

I’m currently obsessed with the 40’s styling, from the rationed era of WWII, which I understand includes the late 30’s through the transition into the Dior 50’s that everyone loves so much (me, too, by the way). So, it’s no doubt I chose the following:

The next two speak to my interest in costumes and more specifically Victorian costumes, and the Steampunk costumes I’ve made and keep working on:

This last one is more modern and I could’ve sworn I saw this dress in a store about 2 years ago- the short one, that is. Today, I’d make the maxi and go with a smaller print, for everyone’s sake.

At 99cents a pattern, I walked out of the store one happy lady. I see a lot of Full Bust Adjustments in my future. Lots of them. Now, back to working on McCalls 6433. I’m getting some help and a second set of eyes on my bodice over at Pattern Review. I’m going to add to the waist and get another muslin going for a second fitting. The skirt also needs to be bigger. More on this later.

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