More Books I’m Reading

Once again, I’m here to share some of the books I’ve been pouring over. There are always books that I check out of the library (we’ve got a great sewing collection) and enjoy looking at but then there are some that I know I have to own.

This first book is one of those cases. Fitting & Pattern Alteration (2nd Edition) is the perfect reference book for those of us trying to find the best fit from both patterns and ready made garments.

I really need to own this book. It’s the kind of book that goes so in depth that it really can function as a reference for altering patterns on all body types.

Here’s how Amazon describes the book:

This textbook teaches students how to recognize, evaluate, and correct fit for over 100  figure variations. The book utilizes a multi-method approach that is both logical and easy-to-follow, and each procedure is clearly identified and fully-illustrated. The second edition will include new information concerning figure evaluation, methods for working with multi-sized patterns, and instructions for correcting garments that have more than one fit problem.

This next book, Seventeenth- Century Women’s Dress Patterns: Book 1, is just breathtaking. I loved seeing the X-rayed garments and undergarments. They really gave a lot of detail that a visual learner such as myself just absorbs like nothing else. There are also construction details and scaled patterns for the time period.

This is the kind of book that is just such a pleasure to hold and pour over and I’m really lucky we have it at our library.

A Century of Fashion: Dress Pattern Illustrations, 1898-1997 gathers pattern envelopes and organizes them by decade. I have to say that while I enjoyed looking at these patterns, it’s a coffee table book. While it may start conversation at your next sewcial, it doesn’t show you the backs of the envelopes, the sewing instructions that might have come with the pattern and the patterns are mostly from the 40’s.

I did enjoy this book but I’m still on the hunt for a book on vintage dresses.

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