Woe is me.

I’ve been working on this one dress for months now, off and on. More off these days. Last week, I decided to really get to it and finish as much as I could. I was working with silk habotai for the first time and that was tricky. It worked but I think I might have passed out from not breathing while I cut… and pinned… and sewed it together. Oh and the darts on that stuff. Yeah. Didn’t breathe then, either. I highly recommend the tinniest needle you can find and the thinnest thread you can work with.

So, the lining is in and I’m ready to put in the zipper. Maybe I’m being too critical, but it’s ugly. I chose the wrong fabric (or maybe I’m just too critical) or a solid instead of a print (or maybe I’m just too critical)… but the fit is great. Remember, this was the bodice I worked on forever and after the 8th or 9th, got it right. And then, actually, I did two more alterations and then it worked. So, fit wise, which is what I’m really trying to figure out, I’m golden.

I just want to wear something I’m super proud of and this is not the dress (but maybe I’m too critical).

In the meantime, I’m finding solace in my knitting. Here’s a turban I made:

I’m also test knitting a cowl and ran out of yarn, so I decided to try out the pattern with a thicker yarn:

I’m also working on some baby carriers that have a quilted body, though not pieced. But it’s so cute and comfy and I’ve been making them since 2008 so it’s definitely a comfort to sew.

Here I go, vroom!

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