Muslins and More Muslins

Toile, for my British friends, but basically a test garment is what you’re talking about when you talk muslins. I have so many alterations I need to make to get a garment to fit me properly that I can’t skip over the muslin stage. You’d think after a year of making dresses for myself that I’d learnt something.

Something, perhaps.

I’m a little down these days because I feel like I haven’t learnt enough. I’ll live, sure, it’s just a frustrating place.

I’m giving myself this next year to focus on muslins only. I’m hoping that only focusing on alterations and making sure that those alterations have worked, will prove to be the learning I need. The alternative is to be disappointed when I finish a muslin, work on the garment and in the end don’t like it. So, I’m slowing it way down.

I won’t be making garments to actually wear out. That does mean test garment after test garment but it’s a lot of what I’ve been doing this past year anyway. I just hope that with the focus off of needing a final garment with beautiful fabric, that I can focus on what I need to focus on right now: Fit.

I’m currently working on a number of knitting projects as well as a sewn capelet. I’ll also keep checking out books from the library to write up. Oh, my library… it just plain rocks.

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