Just had to say it…

My last post, while honest and very in the moment, was a little pouty. What can I say, I’m that kind of blogger. So, now that a couple of days have gone past, and a conversation was had with the Hubinator, I’m eager to jump back in and sew!

If you’re curious about the conversation we had, and you really want to know, just ask.

So, I started in on a project I’ve been meaning to tackle for a while. I think I bought this pattern two years ago. I know I was in Vermont, so it’s got to be at least that long.

I’ve got plans for this capelet… I’ll post pictures of me wearing it in a couple of weeks. Until then, you get capelet on the bed pics.

Here’s a pic of the capelet almost done and waiting to be hemmed. Showing you the inside makes me want to tell you that I underlined it with black flannel and lined it with the black lining you see in the photo. Instead of doing up the lining and then putting the two together, I basically sandwiched the flannel with the fashion fabric and the lining fabric. I serged all the raw edges.

This was my no brainer way of underlining and lining this cape.

Below you can see it’s nice and full, what would you say, a half circle skirt?

But I forgot to say that I had a really hard time with my sewing machine. I think I need to take it in to be fixed. I checked everything I knew to check, I cleaned out the lint, I changed the needle multiple times, rethreaded the machine, put in a freshly wound bobbin, ad nauseum, and still nothing.

I ended up cranking the tension to 8 and put the zigzag to like 5 while sewing a straight stitch. Crazy, I know, but I was that eager to finish the capelet.

I promise more photos of me wearing it. I need to get back to knitting presents.

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