Top 5 Goals of 2012

Last year on this day, I posted my goals for 2012 and with a few exceptions, I did pretty well. This year, again, I want to stay away from lofty goals. I really do like checking things off lists but that’ll only happen if I have listed a couple of things that are within my grasp. I’ll add in at least one reach goal to keep things interesting.

1. Make 3 jackets of which I’m proud.

Totally within reach. I want to make more jackets, play with collars, interfacing, interlining, underlining, different lining types and of course sleeve heads. I’ll be incorporating what I’ve learnt this year in regards to starting with a smaller back but I see where I need to tweak things to get a beautiful fit with the right amount of ease.

2. Continue the path toward TNT patterns.

I’m still looking out for a TNT (tried and true) dress pattern. This was my reason for starting this blog- to take notes and hopefully find dress patterns I’d want to re-make. This goal also includes making dresses I can use in my everyday life.

3. Go to GenCon.

I said this in last years goals. This is hopefully and more seriously happening this year. I’ll need to start on costumes for this. I can wear my 1912 outfit but I’d want to work on another jacket for it. I bought the fabric for the jacket I made in a hurry for C2E2 this year. I’d also want to go back and refit the whole thing. I love it enough to make it again. I also want to make my femme Doctor Who costume. I’m getting a little closer to deciding what that’ll look like. If I can manage the Edwardian gown and a Steampunk ballgown, I’d love to take those, too. There is the Steampunk Masquerade Ball in town in early February. I just need to decide on the design and do it. I’m close.

4. Embroider something well.

This is my reach goal. I don’t think I’m incapable of doing this task but I will have to really focus on actually doing it- the time issue- and do it repeatedly so I can learn how to do it well. I don’t have an embroidery machine so this would be by hand. I also want to add beads to a costume bodice, or to a corset. That would be amazing.

5. Try different kinds of blouse patterns.

I really need more blouses to fit. I can buy jersey tops at a store but then again I don’t really buy RTW. I really need to use PatternMaker more. I have the book Make your Own Clothes that first introduced me to this pattern drafting program and then this year used it more with the 1912 Project. The book gets mixed reviews, mostly bad, on Amazon. I get the bad reviews. The designs are basic and the samples aren’t all that exciting (some I do love). I can see it but being able to type in my measurements (and a lot of them) I can print out a starting point for a blouse, dress, or jacket. Or just use them as blocks to quickly fit other patterns. I also have thought about buying some of the pattern collections which I could easily alter into anything imaginable. The thing with not having to alter every pattern I try is that then I’d get to work on my collar techniques and try a bunch of different styles.

I’m adding to my Top 5 a word that I want to focus on for 2013 and that word isPrecision. I want to be more precise in my work. I want to try more things that require me to be precise instead of making whatever happens work, which I know I can do already.

Here’s to Precision.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Goals of 2012

  1. Bird and Bicycle says:

    So my mother gave me that same “Make Your Own Clothes” book and I, too, had the same blaise reaction. The book was uninspiring. However, I have had patternmaker marked on my desktop as dream purchase one day. It sounds awesome to start with basic pieces that you can easily alter. I wonder how different it is than using a sloper? You have more experience than I, but I like where you want 2013 to go for you. Precision, progression. Good stuff Leila.

    • Leila says:

      thanks for the comment. You could use the basic patterns in the book as slopers. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve even done it for sewing for others. It gets me started in the right direction, even if I have to do some tweaking later. I’ve been wanting to make the tulip skirt but I think I’ll do it in muslin form to see if I even like the shape on me.

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