New Year’s Resolutions, my way.

I really don’t do these resolutions well. I think, mostly, because I do better on short term goals. Finish this seam, bind off by Friday, etc. The resolutions that have me promising something to myself for a whole year just seem so daunting.

Last year, I set myself out to learn how to alter a pattern to fit my body. I’m definitely on that goal, still. I get a little dramatic when I get frustrated. I am Colombian, after all. Some personal traits are always there, no matter how well behaved you try to be.

In 2011, I finished 12 items. I mean, finished, but not always a perfect fit. I’m also counting costumes and things like the circle skirt I made a couple of weeks ago. I still have to show you how one of my dresses turned out. I just need to get photos of me in it.

2012 will still find me sewing. For now, a friend has loaned me her sewing machine, a Janome L-392. As you can well tell, I have a very good friend. It’s a back-up for her so she said I could keep it for a bit. I don’t want to keep it too long and be a mooch so buying a new machine is looming ever closer. Sewing in 2012 might mean picking up some more hand sewing skills. I mean, people used to make whole dresses without a sewing machine. I can do it, too, right?

You know I like a challenge.

I still did make a list of things I want to do in 2012. Some of them are actually happening, some are most likely to happen, and then there’s the exercise one that will possibly happen but not as regular as I’m aiming for:

Thing I want to do in 2012

  1. Go to California to visit my family.
  2. Finish knitting my Therapi Sweater
  3. Knit a Fair Isle vest for myself in sock yarn. Something like this one.
  4. Post monthly about my participation in the 1912 Project.
  5. Buy a new sewing machine. (I like lists I can cross thing off of.)
  6. Go to Dragon Con.
  7. Workout 2 times a week.
  8. Finish reading 2 books (not a big fiction reader).
  9. Make fewer goals.
  10. Try to be more superficial.

These last two are serious things I want to do. I find myself making big goals and I think I need to live in the moment, or the weekment or something. The last thing I want to do is try to not be so intense all the time. By nature, I take myself very seriously, so telling me to “lighten up” will never end well. Again, Latina here and sometimes the stereotype is true. Not always, of course. But I do know that I don’t always have to react the way I do. Or, you know, I could just hang with more passionate people who make me look oh-so-normal.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions, my way.

  1. Kristina says:

    These are great goals because they are so realistic. I hate the tendency to think too big this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I think a Big Hairy Audacious Goal is always a good idea, but one BHAG is realistic, and it’s far better to set most goals a little less audaciously 🙂

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