Oversized Clutch

This was going to be a simple pouch for Josh to put his toiletries in when he goes on work trips but I think there was something in me that actually wanted to make it for myself, so I made it larger than I had originally planned. Lucky me! I get a new day clutch.

The women at The French Seam here in Indy helped me pick out the fabrics. I used some mi-weight interfacing to give the gorgeously drapey outer fabric some body. I can see myself using this same material for some pants someday.

I’m really loving this clutch. Enjoy looking in to see what I carry in my clutch. Doesn’t everyone carry a tape measure everywhere they go?

I love this clutch, as well. It’s also lined but I did the lining a tad different and the clutch is overall a bit smaller but still has enough room for everything you’d need. I also love this fabric. The brown clutch is lined with a quilting cotton while this one is lined in a poly china silk lining.

If you’re wondering, and not judging, I’ll point out that you can see where I serged the inside raw edges.

And this is the clutch that started it all. One day I decided I wanted an oversized clutch and the next day I had this. Mind you, there is no base seam (it’s all one piece) and it’s not lined.

This was a great small and quick project where I got to try out new (and very nice) fashion fabric while honing my zipper skills and my lining skills. I am planning to make a couple of these as gifts. I’m buying the nicest material I can get my hands on because with this simple design, you really want the material to stand out.

2 thoughts on “Oversized Clutch

    • Leila says:

      Gracias, linda. Que rico verte por estos lados. Por cierto, todavia cargo la cartera que me hice. No quiero que se ponga muy caliente porque se que me tocara dejar de cargarla- es que es hecha de wool suiting.

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