1911 Corset

I’m planning a lot of sewing projects and I need to come up with a schedule so I actually progress. Some components of these projects I know I’ll be procrastinating on. In particular, making this 1911 corset from Corsets and Crinolines. It’s a great book. And yes, it’s all underwear. Sorry. Undergarments.

Bridges on the Body is a blog where Jo is working her way through each of the patterns in that book. There was enough interest a couple of months ago that she decided to do a sew along for the exact corset I want to make. Le voila! My lucky day.

While I didn’t join in as it was going on, I am going to follow her schedule to keep me on track. It’s a very realistic of modern time constraints, so it should be easy to follow.

So far, I have scaled up the pattern by copier.

I actually scaled the pattern by hand first but then decided to try my hand at enlarging it by copier.

I turned out really well by hand… though there are a couple of pieces that weren’t as long as they should have been.

Regardless, I’ve got the pieces and my next step is to measure them against my body measurements and make any adjustments.


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