Spring Vest

I finally started putting together my Spring vest. I bought this awesome fabric a couple of months ago- or so it seems- and did the pattern fitting, which exhausted me so much I left this project on my table forever.

I absolutely loved working with this fabric and the work goes by pretty quick, even for a first time with this pattern and my first time with a lined vest. It’s lined with silk which made it a slippery job, albeit pretty.

Here are some pics of the tissue fitting. The middle picture shows the back neck being too low. That was corrected by minimizing the alteration. Part of that tuck was needed.

A couple details:

Pattern: Simplicity 2556

Alterations: FBA, petite upper chest, narrow back (but that’s relative cos I have such a large FBA to do)

Complaints: None. Other than I really shouldn’t have relied wholly on this tissue fitting. I was too eager to work with my beautiful fabric.

Something I learned: I hand basted the interfacing onto the fronts and the collar pieces. It was pretty meditative. I use the sew-on interfacing because I’ve never had a good time of using the iron-on type. Go with what works.

To finish on the vest: buttons, buttonholes and hand-stitching the lining at the sides.

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