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I’ve been working on blouse #1000 from La Mode Illustree and was putting off starting the project because I was afraid of the embroidery portions detailing the collar, cuffs and basque.

I spent a whole day figuring out how to execute this cutwork and the “granitos”, which seemed easy to do. Hand embroidery is an art. A pretty and time-consuming art. As you can see from my above attempt, I wasn’t too too bad… if only I would take my time. After putting the collar down and “resting” with some hand hemming, I started thinking about some advice I got for doing the cutwork: trace it first.

I had traced it the first time with a fabric marker… but why not “trace” it by machine first.

Then, I can go over it with floss and voila! I feel so relieved now. Plus, I’m going to use white floss for the actual collar. I’ll get texture and my flaws won’t show as much. The “granitos” I will do by hand but they are much easier to achieve.

Here’s my test to see how “tracing” the embroidery would work. I think this is the kind of hand holding I need to get through this blouse.