Ah ha! Embroidery- I gotcha!


I’ve been working on blouse #1000 from La Mode Illustree and was putting off starting the project because I was afraid of the embroidery portions detailing the collar, cuffs and basque.

I spent a whole day figuring out how to execute this cutwork and the “granitos”, which seemed easy to do. Hand embroidery is an art. A pretty and time-consuming art. As you can see from my above attempt, I wasn’t too too bad… if only I would take my time. After putting the collar down and “resting” with some hand hemming, I started thinking about some advice I got for doing the cutwork: trace it first.

I had traced it the first time with a fabric marker… but why not “trace” it by machine first.

Then, I can go over it with floss and voila! I feel so relieved now. Plus, I’m going to use white floss for the actual collar. I’ll get texture and my flaws won’t show as much. The “granitos” I will do by hand but they are much easier to achieve.

Here’s my test to see how “tracing” the embroidery would work. I think this is the kind of hand holding I need to get through this blouse.

7 thoughts on “Ah ha! Embroidery- I gotcha!

  1. vpll1912projecttech says:

    Why not do the whole thing by machine? Or at least the granitos. I’m sure you have the stitch on there. Most machines have it, it is the little satin dot. If you want it padded, stitch it one way the first time and then turn 90 degrees and stitch it again. It will definitely stitch out!

    To do the cutwork by machine without an embroidery machine, Trace your scallops onto the fabric. DON’T cut the piece out of the fabric yet! Then using a straight stitch, sew right on top of the line, top and bottom. If the cutwork is large, you can sew a straight stitch right down the center. Then cut out your piece right next to the stitching line and start with a zigzag stitch, use a loose bobbin tension, so you don’t pucker the piece and just adjust your stitching size.

    I’d like to have a few mins to spare and I would digitize this piece of cutwork. It should be nothing to digitize and then it would sew right out!

    • Leila says:

      I know. I know. Why not by machine? I really liked the way it worked up by hand and my machine did a zig zag that worked just fine.

      Thanks for commenting again. I really appreciate the support.

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