I took blouse pattern #1000 from the 1912 sewing project and made a straight version for my friend. Then I started wondering if I could figure out the PatternMaker software some of us are using to print out downloaded patterns.

I first played with resizing pieces, including the collar and the basque- two pieces I did end up using, but then I got it in my head that I could move the sleeves over and make dolman sleeves.


This is where I stopped. I was wiped. My brain was done. But how cool! Imagine the possibilities. I printed these pattern pieces out.

I had planned to do this for my 1912 costume:


You might recall the top from the first episode of Downton Abbey. The skirt I’ve shown on this blog already.

After tiring myself with lots going on, I decided I wanted to make my life easier. I went the easy route and didn’t try to make the revised blouse pattern work. I still wanted to use the enlarged basque for a fluttery peplum effect and the resized and later reshaped collar for the look I was going for.

Well, it’s close to being done. The blouse just needs buttons.


Here is my question to you, If I had a little extra time to do some embellishing, what should I do to the blouse?

Here’s the blouse with my skirt


Besides adding to the blouse, do I add a sash? My original idea required me to make the blouse different, with buttons down the front.

What about this?


I still need to finish the sleeves, too. There’s lots still to do. Lots of details I could work on forever. But for now the question remains, add to the blouse? Add a sash?