1912 Detail Help Needed

I took blouse pattern #1000 from the 1912 sewing project and made a straight version for my friend. Then I started wondering if I could figure out the PatternMaker software some of us are using to print out downloaded patterns.

I first played with resizing pieces, including the collar and the basque- two pieces I did end up using, but then I got it in my head that I could move the sleeves over and make dolman sleeves.


This is where I stopped. I was wiped. My brain was done. But how cool! Imagine the possibilities. I printed these pattern pieces out.

I had planned to do this for my 1912 costume:


You might recall the top from the first episode of Downton Abbey. The skirt I’ve shown on this blog already.

After tiring myself with lots going on, I decided I wanted to make my life easier. I went the easy route and didn’t try to make the revised blouse pattern work. I still wanted to use the enlarged basque for a fluttery peplum effect and the resized and later reshaped collar for the look I was going for.

Well, it’s close to being done. The blouse just needs buttons.


Here is my question to you, If I had a little extra time to do some embellishing, what should I do to the blouse?

Here’s the blouse with my skirt


Besides adding to the blouse, do I add a sash? My original idea required me to make the blouse different, with buttons down the front.

What about this?


I still need to finish the sleeves, too. There’s lots still to do. Lots of details I could work on forever. But for now the question remains, add to the blouse? Add a sash?

8 thoughts on “1912 Detail Help Needed

  1. domesticnews says:

    I like the idea of a sash or belt, too. What about a neckerchief, tied under the collar?
    Maybe a lighter weight version of the skirt ribbon, around the cuff and into a frog-like design on the outside, up the sleeve. Wish I could draw here… 🙂 probably better to get advice from the real historians in the group.

  2. disparatedisciplines says:

    The problem I see is that your silhouette in the drawing is slender, while the blouse is baggy. I’d first try making the sash wider- in the drawing it comes up to just under your bust- but the dark blue might overtake the white of the blouse. You can also try pintucks. To add more interest, you could come up with patterns of tucks, such as group them in threes with the center tuck longer than the outer two. Or maybe consider an upside down bell curve with the lowest part just under your bust. That woul help control the pouf a bit more & move it to around your bust instead of your waist.

    Looks like a good start though! And I really like the colors you’re using, especially in the skirt.

    • Leila says:

      I’m not bothered by the difference in my planned blouse and the end result. I took out the detail in the front of the shirt due to time. I like the idea of a wider belt, too. Thanks for commenting.

  3. vpll1912projecttech says:

    I love the sash! And I really love the dolman sleeve idea! But part of what makes the 1000 blouse is the trim on the collars, cuff and basque. While you don’t need to do embroidery, I like the idea of some form of coordinating trim-maybe a blue soutache? Something easy. And I agree with the slender/baggy comments.

    Fantasic look though!

    • Leila says:

      Funny you’d say embroidery, I was just thinking about adding some granitos to the collar and perhaps the sleeves, once they’re done. I don’t know if you saw, but I already did a “straight” version of this blouse. It’s for a friend and we’re going to be going to an event together and I just didn’t want to look just like her. 🙂 Thanks for coming over to comment.

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