I’ll write more about the garment I’m going to be talking about in another post but for this post I want to process. Basically, I entered a sewing contest in town and I just heard who the winners were… I wasn’t one of them. I see why mine didn’t stand out. It was basic. I’m between my taste being pretty simple and my inexperience. I don’t want to get into what I should’ve done differently but just chalk it up to experience and move on.

I talked to one of the shop owners (these women are SO nice to me and I love them!) when I picked up my contest entry and I am a little embarrassed that I was putting myself down in front of them. I should’ve waited for the news to settle before picking up my garment. However, we did talk and I did take away a couple of pointers for the next contest.

Yes. I did say next contest. I want to keep going for a goal and opening myself up to the criticism of others. Mostly because I sew in a bubble and I could use the keen eye.

What I want to do next is make a full circle skirt to go with this top. The French Seam has this crisp awesomeness of a denim/linen blend and it would work great with several of the tops I already own. I know I said I was going to take a break.

I’m so cute.

How long could I really resist? Honestly. Enjoy the pics below of my top. I’ll blog more extensively about it later because it is part of the 1912 project that I’m involved in and the more thoroughly we blog, the more points we get toward more patterns. This next post will also include photos of me wearing the top. It’s cute.