Torrid purchase

Back when I decided to get over my fear of sewing clothing for myself, I did it because I couldn’t find any clothes that fit me properly. I’m a US size 12 and dresses fit me everywhere but on top. Actually, when I make my own clothes, I use the equivalent of the 12 size for the waist, 10 for the hips and thighs and well, I do my magic for the top.

I don’t expect to pull something off a rack at a shop and have it fit anywhere near what I can do at home but some shops have given me hope… and less to sew.

I had heard about this plus-size shop called Torrid but I had never gone in one of their stores until last week when I was visiting my folks in California. I was quickly drawn in and I found that the cup sizes were a little more generous. I was nearly roped into buying a new tankini top but didn’t only because of my budget. Anyone who has seen me in my new bathing suit will liberally say that although it’s cute, the top just doesn’t fit right. I’m fine with that, only because I love the stripes.

Will I ever show you a pic of my bathing suit?

What I will show you is the Torrid dress I bought. You might have already seen it. It’s my favorite dress right now and I will be the first to admit that I will wear it every day until it needs a bath.

Yeah, yeah. Mirror shot, boo.

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