I’m tired of posting horrible pictures and I know some of you, via comments and emails, have made it clear that you’re tired of it, too. I know how blurry pics make me feel so I’m going to make a concerted effort here. I’m done moaning about my horrible pictures and I’m here to tell ya that I’m going to start an experiment. I got inspired by Tara Swiger’s post on her blog where she’s doing her own experiment to see if a small change can give her the results she hopes for.

Here’s my proposal for my own experiment:

1. Thesis: Spend time setting up photo shoots for the garments I’m working on. Edit these photos and post ONLY edited photos to my blog. I hope this pulls in readers as I know that bad photos turn me off, too. This experiment is to see how many more people I can get interested in my blog from just better images.

2. Parameters: The experiment ends 9/3 and I hope to have 3 blog posts up with better photos by 9/3.

3. Support systems in place: I don’t have money for a tripod yet but I will find creative ways to use backdrops and better lit areas for photo shoots.

That’s it. Over the next couple of weeks, this is what I’ll be focusing on. I’m aiming for only 3 blog posts with edited photos and I know I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. You know why? Because of photos! Plus, I’m working on a bunch of stuff right now so I don’t think I’ll be low on content.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll be using #experimentFTW to connect with Tara and others participating in this experiment. If you want to join me in an experiment of your own, go to Tara’s blog and check it out.