I’m participating in an experiment. My goal is to take more time to edit photos and ultimately produce a blog that is more pleasing to the eye. Basically, I like my readers and this is my grand apology for crappy photos.

I’ve been putting off showing you the geeky dress, aka the circuit board dress but finally, after spending some time in the editing room, I’m here to show you the dress. I haven’t altered it but already, with the color bump and cropping, I like the dress more than before. I know people walking down the street won’t be able to crop around me but one can still dream.

The dress is completely lined in batiste and I did my usual FBA. I did have a hard time with the bodice and I swear I’m going to revisit this dress at some point to make some final alterations but until then I’m gonna wear it until it’s too cold.

I’m going to be tagging these experiment photos with photoexperiment and I’m going to look at all of these posts to see how far I’ve come.

So, what can I tweak, scrap, etc so that my blog is more eye catching? I know the things that are bothering me. I want to know what you see or what you’d rather see.

Thanks for helping!