Geeky Dress Reveal

I’m participating in an experiment. My goal is to take more time to edit photos and ultimately produce a blog that is more pleasing to the eye. Basically, I like my readers and this is my grand apology for crappy photos.

I’ve been putting off showing you the geeky dress, aka the circuit board dress but finally, after spending some time in the editing room, I’m here to show you the dress. I haven’t altered it but already, with the color bump and cropping, I like the dress more than before. I know people walking down the street won’t be able to crop around me but one can still dream.

The dress is completely lined in batiste and I did my usual FBA. I did have a hard time with the bodice and I swear I’m going to revisit this dress at some point to make some final alterations but until then I’m gonna wear it until it’s too cold.

I’m going to be tagging these experiment photos with photoexperiment and I’m going to look at all of these posts to see how far I’ve come.

So, what can I tweak, scrap, etc so that my blog is more eye catching? I know the things that are bothering me. I want to know what you see or what you’d rather see.

Thanks for helping!

13 thoughts on “Geeky Dress Reveal

  1. Brooke says:

    First, I love the circuit board fabric! It’s very cool as a dress! =)

    I’m not so sure about the edited photo. The color looks too fake and I actually like the crop on the left better. The right side looks like you were trying too hard to crop out things in the background that you didn’t like and you cut off your feet (that’s just a pet peeve of mine though).

    What program are you using for editing? I copied the pic and played with it (left side version) on my computer using Paint Shop Pro. I white-balanced it and your skin-tone looked better and then I adjusted a little using the “red/green/blue”. Don’t mess with “levels” (that may be what you did) because that can make it a little cartoony – it’s a cool effect on some artsy pics but doesn’t always work.

  2. Jodi (@sewfearless) says:

    I think it is just fantastic that you are giving this a go!

    I like that you tried to tighten up the crop. The background stuff in the unedited photo is distracting. Keep experimenting with where you take the photos until you find your spot. For me it is almost always in our backyard with the neighbors lawn behind me.

    A tip: It’s always helpful to check the “Rule of Thirds” when cropping cuz right now one of the main lines of sight in the cropped photo is your boobs. eep!

    Also, PicMonkey is a nice (FREE) online editing tool. You might check that out.

    • Leila says:

      thanks, Jodi! Ooops on the boob but don’t you think it’s just my boobs being big and all? hehe Maybe the rule of 3rds is what’s bothering me about the crop. After I get some more comments like yours and Brooke’s, I’m gonna go back and try another go with the same photo. I’m persistent like that. Probably something I got from Elmo. 🙂

      Oh, and I used PicMonkey for the collage. As well as the collages I just put up on my personal and business fb pages.

  3. nerdysewist says:

    I love this dress. I’ve been using Picasa to edit my blog photos, which doesn’t give you a ton of control, but it does allow you to adjust light, contrast, etc. It’s decent for a free tool. I am in the same boat and wish I knew more about editing digital photos. But you are doing a great job, and I think your blog is looking terrific these days!

    • Leila says:

      Thanks so much! It’s nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂 I love blogs with awesome pics and yet I kill my small audience with my uncropped, unedited pics. 😦 We’ll get there.

  4. Erin Erickson (@yorkiemischief) says:

    I like the tight crop! It does look like you blew out the colors, but you are definitely trying and that’s the whole point! I struggle with that because I want the background white white white but I want my fabric colors true to color. Sometimes I can fake it with contrast and all the other settings but it’s really easy to go too far. The only way to learn is to do it. I’m still learning!

    • Leila says:

      It really is easy to go too far. That’s for sure. I’m playing with this same photo again for another post. I’m definitely in learning mode. Thanks!

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