While this is part of my photo editing experiment, I also want to show you something I made several weeks ago. This is my way of transitioning from the “hey, help me with my photos” to “hey, I wanna show you something I made”.

I was invited to see a friend from my college days play with Tom Wopat. You know, Luke Duke! It was a really great show and Wopat has a great sense of story telling. I didn’t doubt I’d have a good time at the show. What I did doubt was my ability to pull something together last minute. There was a dress code. Not a big deal, I was assured by my friend, but I never hesitate to take on this sort of challenge. I had an hour to come up with something.

What did I make?

You might remember the skirt from the Christmas 2011 hubby work party. I need one more skirt like this that can dress me up instantly. The top was the new component. Ever since I found a well fitting strapless bra, I’ve been daydreaming of all the strapless dresses I could make. I’ve made none of them but not for lack of interest.

Before even starting the top, I knew I’d need it to be the quickest sew ever. I chose the black suiting from my stash (this is part of the purchase that made my husband go mute for an hour because I bought several rolls of fabric. Several). I’m calling it a suiting but I honestly don’t know for sure. Take a guess, if you’d like.

After a quick debate with myself, I settled on this basic tube top. I knew I would belt it and it would be good enough for a last minute swanky outing. What do you think?

As far as the photo is concerned, which is your favorite? It’s largely overexposed. Again, I’m still learning and I feel like there are plenty of effective components to the image that, in a learning mode, I’m posting despite the exposure issue.

So, besides overexposure, what do you think of what I did with these three edits? The first and last are very similar but there are differences. I was aiming for subtle between those two. The middle one is to my personal taste. I like the effect but I know it’s not for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by! I feel like I’m on a roll and I know it’s because of the comments here, on Twitter and Facebook.