I posted an edited photo (below) of my circuit boards dress and got some really helpful comments. So helpful, I thought I’d go back and re-edit the same photo (second photo).

Photo 1

Photo 2

I think it’s much more subtle of an edit and I can only now see that the first edit is over the top.

I’m a persistent thing. Here are new photos of the same dress. You might not be able to notice but I’ve made the alterations to the fit that I wanted to make. It was really noticeable from behind but you only get to see the well fitting back. I do like showing before and after photos but for now I’m going to try to concentrate on the photo editing.

Photo 3

I’m more likely to wear this dress with my burgundy converse and I just might have worn this look to GenCon 2012.

Photo 4

The next three photos were from a bunch taken just before sunset and with the white balance adjusted before shooting.

Photo 5

I took some time away from photo editing and it was only then that I saw how overdone Photo 4 is compared to this next one.

Photo 6

I love this last photo. The back of the dress does fit this well in person. The invisible zipper is well installed and the lining is doing its job of helping shape the skirt and smooth out the bodice. Linings FTW!

I’m so happy but still just fiddling with how to photograph something I’ve made and I’m proud of so that it draws the attention of the reader. I wonder how much of my frustration with this particular photo session is due to the fabric I’m photographing and how much of it is light/color balance.

Do you make color decisions based on how well they’ll read on your blog? Also, what’s your favorite photo?