My Cromarty Sweater

I finished knitting my Comarty sweater when I was in California earlier this summer. I love this design and I highly recommend it- it’s available on Ravelry. While the red one on the pattern page was inspiring and I might still make one some day, this pale pink one worked better for me as a summer/air condition land cover up.

As you can see, the yarn I chose made for a lighter and airier sweater when compared to the original and the many gorgeous denser knit sweaters you can find from other Ravelers. You can tell everyone who has ever made this sweater loves the final product because there are, on average, 6 pictures per person posted to the site. It tells you a lot when people want to show every single angle.

And here I am, showing off my lovely Cromarty, too. *heart bubbles popping*

10 thoughts on “My Cromarty Sweater

    • Leila says:

      Thanks Katie. This is technically my first post with better pictures where I don’t talk about the behind the scenes of taking the pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ Until this comment, of course.

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