The Future is Magic

I saw these words written on twitter. Is it? Is the future really magic? It’s quiet here right now. I’m listening to music on headphones. Ever word I type feels as if I were playing the emotive piano being pumped in my ears. Everyone is asleep. It’s my favorite time of day. One a.m.

Last night, I bade one a.m. farewell and promised I would be around again. Right now, right here, with how I choose to perceive the world, the future is magic. What makes it magic? I don’t mean forced magic; the stuff we use to coat a bad day. Or maybe that’s how you make your magic.

So, how do you make your future magic? Answer this when you’re in the right mood. It struck me tonight.


5 thoughts on “The Future is Magic

  1. karen lepage (@onegirlcircus) says:

    I make my future magic by seeing it after everyone’s alseep. I take in the day while I’m tracing a pattern or handstitching, and jot down ideas that might be good ones. When I look at my notes in the morning, I feel like I made midnight magic, and the aday starts where I left off.

  2. Erin Erickson (@yorkiemischief) says:

    You know I love this time of day too. It’s my most productive, silliest, happiest time of day. And with all of you, it’s never quite lonely.

    I decided this year to make 31 better than 21, better than 30, better than all of my 20’s. It means taking advantage of finally being healthy. It means giving into the silliness, saying yes, allowing myself to have fun. And it means friends, because not only have I re-bonded with my oldest friend, I’ve made new ones. And I’ve made plans. And every time we have a bad day, we remind each other of those plans and so instead of just a few days of fun we get months of tingly, giggly anticipation. It will instantly kill any bad mood. Most people would probably dismiss us as crazy or immature… but they are missing out on all of the fun! I think it fits in this category of future magic. Don’t you? 😀

  3. attachlings says:

    For me the phrase ‘the future is magic’ is all about unlimited potential.

    In terms of Quantum Mechanics (which is my lay passion) there is a concept that all things are possible until our observation of One possibility calls it into being.

    That’s the future sense to me. All things are possible until I choose one.
    And that is not depressing — the collapsing of all possibilities down to the one — because, hopefully, I’ve had the conscious awareness to choose well — to choose the best (for me at that moment) from all the options. 🙂

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