I’m back working on the Burda panel dress from the May magazine again. I got so inspired by the idea of adding leather (faux, at least) as the middle panel that I went back to the traced pattern to start in on alterations. I did the FBA already but I still have to fix the curved seams in the front. This muslin is made in poly taffeta.

What I’m here to show you is the back because this is where I had to make a big adjustment. After the fit failure from the Portrait Blouse, I started thinking about my back. Those drape lines in the pictures above are there because that’s how much I had to pinch out of the back! I seriously need to figure out a better size to start with for the back. The horizontal tuck is a normal alteration for me and, really, the upper back alteration I do a lot, too, but often forget about it until I get pictures taken. I’m finally waking up about my back needing a different size.

Do you use a completely different size for your front compared to your back?