Steph, from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World, says, “Boring has value, and charting the value is fun.” I couldn’t agree more. Check out her blog post about how she thinks about the value of her sewing compared to the cost of buying in a store. She mentions the false economy of buying cheap garments that won’t hold up to normal wear. She also has a pdf you can use to calculate your own sewing value for the garments you make.
Thanks, Steph, for a great post!

3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

I haven’t written about Lila’s wardrobe for a little while, but we’re making steady progress.  I like to start simple when I’m working on a “wardrobe” type project, so the first order of business was to make Lila several pairs of shorts for the coming summer.

Shorts worn with the mini Blank Canvas Tee I made a few weeks back

Wait, who am I kidding about “the coming summer?”  It’s pretty much shorts weather all year around here.  I’m sure this sounds delightful to those who hail from cold climates.

Lila and I have built her sewing into our “at-home” afternoons, and she’s learning to trim threads as well as what words like “baste” mean.  It’s fun, though she usually gets bored after half an hour and decides it’s more fun to stick pins into scraps of fabric.  That’s ok, too.

We made three pairs of Oliver + S Puppetshow…

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