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So, that’s my new dress that I’ve been alluding to lately. You got to see my back alterations and although I couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out, I’m still not satisfied with the fit. I don’t think anyone would say anything about the fit if it were store bought but being hand sewn, I can see all the fit issues I’m having- mostly with the back!

But let’s focus on how Blade Runner-y it is! Here’s Sean Young in a still from the movie.

Here’s the original dress from the 5/2012 Burda magazine. I love the design and at first I had planned on making a straight up version with linen and the whole bit.

But then, I saw this panel dress from Bebe and I knew I wanted to incorporate faux leather, or leatherette.

I shortened the Burda pattern and had to do a little fba for the bust to fit right…and you know my woes with the back. But, I ended up with something I’d go out in. It’s total “frosting” sewing, which I’m loving as a wanna be costumer.

I can see myself wearing my new dress with my chucks or with my black boots.

Why am I only wearing one boot? Funny you should ask. The other boot’s zipper is dead and I have to get them both repaired for this winter. Instead of waiting- who likes waiting!?!- I decided to go with one boot for some story you are welcome to provide for this character.

I also took some dramatic pics before completely finishing the dress- I hadn’t done the topstitching on the seams and still didn’t know I’d be usinga 1″ double fold satin bias binding for the neck and the armholes, which I LOVE!

What do you think of the dress? Where should I wear it? What do you think of the dramatic make-up from the last two photos? Do you think it’