Blade Runner Inspired Dress

So, that’s my new dress that I’ve been alluding to lately. You got to see my back alterations and although I couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out, I’m still not satisfied with the fit. I don’t think anyone would say anything about the fit if it were store bought but being hand sewn, I can see all the fit issues I’m having- mostly with the back!

But let’s focus on how Blade Runner-y it is! Here’s Sean Young in a still from the movie.

Here’s the original dress from the 5/2012 Burda magazine. I love the design and at first I had planned on making a straight up version with linen and the whole bit.

But then, I saw this panel dress from Bebe and I knew I wanted to incorporate faux leather, or leatherette.

I shortened the Burda pattern and had to do a little fba for the bust to fit right…and you know my woes with the back. But, I ended up with something I’d go out in. It’s total “frosting” sewing, which I’m loving as a wanna be costumer.

I can see myself wearing my new dress with my chucks or with my black boots.

Why am I only wearing one boot? Funny you should ask. The other boot’s zipper is dead and I have to get them both repaired for this winter. Instead of waiting- who likes waiting!?!- I decided to go with one boot for some story you are welcome to provide for this character.

I also took some dramatic pics before completely finishing the dress- I hadn’t done the topstitching on the seams and still didn’t know I’d be usinga 1″ double fold satin bias binding for the neck and the armholes, which I LOVE!

What do you think of the dress? Where should I wear it? What do you think of the dramatic make-up from the last two photos? Do you think it’

12 thoughts on “Blade Runner Inspired Dress

  1. Brooke says:

    I like very much! I think you could wear it just about anywhere – it IS a little black dress after all. It’s how you accessorize that makes it appropriate for the setting of whatever event you decide to wear it to.

    The dramatic makeup is WAY fun (especially for photos!) but it’s a little much unless you are going clubbing – or wearing it for Halloween. You look like you are a rock star posing for your album cover!

    And it definitely fits better than something you’d find in stores! Don’t think about the back – you can’t see it when you’re wearing it. =)

    • Leila says:

      Thanks, Brooke. I’m so critical at this stage of my learning.

      I’ll take rock star posing for album cover as a compliment! hehe. And yeah, the dramatic make up is my theater side peeking it’s head into my current sewing world. I’m guessing more of that side of me will keep coming out. Guess I miss it.

  2. sewislife says:

    I love all the pics! Now I know what you meant about being out in the rain in ‘that’ dress hehe. And the last two shots, you make such a hot goth chick 🙂 Powerful eyebrows too!

  3. Theresa in MĂ©rida says:

    very nice little black dress. I love the rock star pose the best. I like the fit, it would work for any occasion except the PTA (because they would be all jealous and feel frumpy ) and maybe the Laundromat though I have seen some interesting “last clean outfits” worn there. All kidding aside depending on the accessories you really can wear it anywhere. The materials and the great fit make it look very expensive and classy.

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