Titanic Blouse

After wearing my white blouse with my Titanic costume to C2E2 this Spring, I saw how see-through it is- my slip shows from underneath. This wouldn’t really be an issue but I used a lot of the lace I already had on hand so I ended up putting a lace with some brown in it at the top of the slip so it really shows. Hence, the desire to make another blouse to go with my Titanic skirt. I do love that skirt.

I started with this period blouse pattern (E0191):

I also got inspired by this Ladies Gilet, a faux blouse to be worn under a jacket (pattern not available):

I like the idea of making a sleeveless blouse for this costume of mine since most of the time I’d like to wear my jacket. I also don’t mind wearing a sleeveless blouse with this costume, making it more relaxed period-wise.

I also read another review from Cassidy who also worked with E0191 where she showed a vintage blouse that uses a waist tape sewn to the back of the blouse so you can then tie it in the front to create the gathers. A nice touch if you want the blouse to work for your waist despite any fluctuations.

I started with the pattern alterations. I decided to only add to the side seams and the front length.

I think I’ll like the collar if it’s detachable. Right now I’m just not convinced that I’ll like it on. I’m also going to either do a side zip or a back zipper.

5 thoughts on “Titanic Blouse

    • Leila says:

      I’ve been searching for a cotton to make this blouse with so that the slip won’t show and I finally found this print that actually goes with the skirt. I had no idea the skirt would be so hard to match color wise. 🙂

  1. Tia Dia says:

    Wow and Wow. I have always wanted to to period clothing, but can never justify the time, expense, and really, where would I wear it? I confess to wishing we still had to wear full skirts as women because I LOVE long skirts. This is going to be just beautiful!

    • Leila says:

      Thanks. The cost definitely is something! I end up scouting out sales and super deals cos costuming adds up like nobody’s business. I also try to make costume items over a longer period of time than, say, modern clothes. You should totally try some period clothing. It’s fun and you can totally throw off the UPS people. 🙂

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