I got inspired by some Plaid Eyelash Boucle Suiting in Orchid I saw on Fabric Mart over the weekend. My plan is to make a cropped jacket for my hot pink pencil skirt. While I really like this cropped jacket (you could call it a bolero, too, if you want), I also know I’d rather work with a pattern that has front seaming.

I really like the choice of simple cut and beautiful fabric used in this Oscar de la Renta cropped jacket.

This Kwik Sew pattern (below) has the seaming I want and the look I’m aiming for. The collar is different but I like it. We’ll see if I keep it after I do a muslin. With the plaid, I’ll have to pay close attention to matching at the seamlines but it’ll be worth it.

Click on image to go to pattern source

I was reflecting on my garment sewing and while I had made a shirt here or a skirt there in my youth and in college, it’s only been in the last two years that I’ve actually sewn for myself on a consistent basis. Every garment I make teaches me something new about getting a better fit and I can imagine that with every garment I’m going to make I’ll continue this learning.

What has been your biggest fit realization? Was it figuring out how to adjust for a short waist? Or long arms?