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I’m currently looking at some fabric online at several site and I’m having color issues. Color decisions, that is. I really want to build a wardrobe that goes together. But then again, what if I’m just not seeing the color potential that lies in front of me? This is when I turn to the world outside for inspiration.

I’ve always liked Pantone for this. This is their color palette for Fall 2012. Not a steadfast rule to follow, just for inspiration, mind you.

What I’m trying to do is buy fabric that will go with the garments I have made or am making. I have two blue pencil skirts I haven’t shown you yet and the hot pink one I still need to make and I want to buy fabric to make tops to go with these skirts.

My excitement over fitting a better Portrait Blouse hasn’t gone away. I can’t wait to work up some tops with smaller backs and FBA…but what kind of fabric? I’ll blog about some patterns I’m looking at but I’m still looking.

I was thinking of just using stable knits so that I’d have tops even if I messed up on the fit. So, learning and wearable muslins all in one. But then I started looking at lightweight poplin and now I just want bolts and bolts of the stuff in all the colors of the rainbow.

What’s your favorite fabric for making blouses/tops? Also, what colors are you wearing this Fall? I think my magenta fingernail polish is gonna be making some deciding for me.