Sewing by Color

I’m currently looking at some fabric online at several site and I’m having color issues. Color decisions, that is. I really want to build a wardrobe that goes together. But then again, what if I’m just not seeing the color potential that lies in front of me? This is when I turn to the world outside for inspiration.

I’ve always liked Pantone for this. This is their color palette for Fall 2012. Not a steadfast rule to follow, just for inspiration, mind you.

What I’m trying to do is buy fabric that will go with the garments I have made or am making. I have two blue pencil skirts I haven’t shown you yet and the hot pink one I still need to make and I want to buy fabric to make tops to go with these skirts.

My excitement over fitting a better Portrait Blouse hasn’t gone away. I can’t wait to work up some tops with smaller backs and FBA…but what kind of fabric? I’ll blog about some patterns I’m looking at but I’m still looking.

I was thinking of just using stable knits so that I’d have tops even if I messed up on the fit. So, learning and wearable muslins all in one. But then I started looking at lightweight poplin and now I just want bolts and bolts of the stuff in all the colors of the rainbow.

What’s your favorite fabric for making blouses/tops? Also, what colors are you wearing this Fall? I think my magenta fingernail polish is gonna be making some deciding for me.

16 thoughts on “Sewing by Color

  1. Carolyn says:

    I like rayon blouses. Faille and challis for drapey-ish blouses. They seem a little more substantial for fall than cotton voile and don’t seem to wrinkle like linen, definitely breathe better than anything polyester, and not as expensive as silk. My personal fall palette seems to be leaning toward brown toned fabrics I’ve recently acquired and purple/navy/grey/green combos that I have in my stash (mostly thrifted). When I’m looking for color palette inspiration, I like to look at google images of “seasonal color palettes” partly because I know what “season” I am so it reminds me of all the non-trendy colors that should look good on me and partly because it seems to inspire me to combine those thrifted/gifted fabrics in my stash into outfits/separates that will work together for those members of my family who have completely different coloring from me, and that I don’t really have a lot of experience blending certain colors for. (i.e. my son looks great in orange, and I don’t, so I’ve never put together outfits with orange shirts for myself)

  2. disparatedisciplines says:

    I can definitely relate with having a fabric in mind, then getting completely derailed by everything else that’s lovely. I love knits for tops & I haven’t made much in the way of wovens, but the few I have have been plain woven cottons. This fall/winter I find myself gravitating towards lots of cold grays & for the first time ever, goldenrod/mustard.

  3. Tia Dia says:

    My favourite for casual tops is a rayon-lycra or other non-slinky knit. This is rather new to me, frankly. I’ve always used Liberty tana lawns, silks or linen for blouses/shirts, and jumping on the knit wagon was more of an exercise in wanting to see if I could actually produce something similar or better to my RTW tees. I will still buy a good RTW tee, but am happy to know that I can make up one in a unique print. As for colour, I always tend to *impuse* buy fabric without any thought to whether or not it coordinates with anythings. That being said, most of what I gravitate to falls within a set colour range, so ends up working anyways. I’ve never actually used the Pantone set of colours for a guide. As I’m working on my first ever effort at a coordinated wardrobe, this may be something I deliberately pursue in the future.

    • Leila says:

      I’m a total impulse fabric shopper. I have to be careful to buy fabric with another garment in mind. Pantone gives me ideas, though I tend to continue sewing things in my favorite colors.

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