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There’s a great dialogue going on among some of the sewing community over the idea that we sews too much frosting. Frosting include garments that don’t quite fit in our existing wardrobe, either because they’re too elegant for our lifestyle (like my 1912 costume), the print it too much for work (like my Circuit Boards Dress), or basically they’re items that gets pushed to the back our our closets and never get worn, like so many of my dresses. (These 4 dresses I’ve linked to are going to be cut up for other purposes. I’m done holding on to the thought of them and I’m ready for the fabrics to have a better life.)

Cake, on the other hand, include garments that, as I understand it, are more toned down either print or style wise. You can pull out a cake skirt and pair it with 3 of your existing tops and sweaters. Your cake dress is perfectly suited for work and people there actually take you seriously. Your cake pants fit and are snazzy modern and become your every day pant.

As I start writing, I prefer sewing frosting. Not that I needed to clarify that- you all know it. However, I might even say that for me it isn’t so much a frosting vs cake debate; it’s a well fit vs ill fit debate. I don’t wear the stuff I’ve made that doesn’t fit. I will totally wear my frosting if it fits well. For instance, I took the kids to the playground wearing my 1912 costume! It’s one of the beauties of staying at home with them.

Fancy costumes, corsets, and all things considered luxury items, I love. I also like the luxury of time. For instance, altering and muslining before I cut into my precious (aka the fabric) which can take as much time as making the final garment and the extra time it takes to line everything I make.

Cindy’s guest post on 3 Hours Past brought up the book The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction. I think this would be a great way for me to sew everyday clothes, by adding these Bishop bias bands curling around necklines or rolling down a plain skirt. OOh, can’t you see it? Go to Cindy’s guest post for pics and to read more.

I’m late to the party at Struggle Sews a Straight Seam – I love her energy! And she made some awesome Clovers! What she’s offering me is the term bread. Plain as plain can be sewing. Her Clovers are plain but so well fitting! And her top is also plain but it’s really what I would’ve bought in a store.

I don’t intend to use these words to limit or instruct what I think anyone should sew. I like sewing and I hope I keep sewing for a long time. So, to repeat the title of this soapboxy post, I suggest you sew whatever keeps you sewing!

Any thoughts?