I’m actually really excited for a couple of reasons. One is that the shorts fitting went so well, I’m actually thinking about making more pants and more shorts and more things that aren’t skirts and dresses. Pants are to fitting what … it’s late. Fitting pants is rough. So, after making my first well fitting fitted shorts, I’m ready to tackle fitted pants! Vogue is giving me some pants patterns to drool over… but first, what struck me most was this jacket:

The pattern envelope includes jacket, coat, skirt and pants. Go Vogue! Wardrobe’d.

I love the next jacket’s exaggerated peplum. I say that I love peplums but I never make anything with a peplum. Funny how that is true for lots of things I like.

I would make the pants…but, Vogue, not with that jacket. Ok. It’s just a matter of taste, I know.

I have no idea what is drawing me to this top, and the other views don’t quite do it for me. But, yes to this top.

These next pants I would make with mods to the pattern. I would NOT do an elastic waist. Nevah!

I love surprises in garments. This next dress has a really nice detail on the back. Beautiful.

I’ve heard people tell me that I shouldn’t do ruffle detailing on a blouse because of my larger chest…well, nuts to that. Sometimes I want ruffles. Gimme ruffles! Keeping proportions in check, I think I can pull off ruffles. This poor model was about to sneeze when they took the pic. Poor girl.

And, yes, I DO want to make this skirt!

Those are my likes. What called your name from the new Vogue patterns?