High Waisted Shorts

It’s getting cooler around here but I’m wearing shorts this year! I’m sure this year it’ll be so cold even the wooly shorts I have planned won’t cut it…but until then, I present you my first pair of shorts. We’re talking first pair ever. Or EVAR, if you must.

This is the same fabric I made my pants with- it’s a thin perfect for Spring denim. I love it!

I could untuck my top, though I prefer it tucked in. As you can see, I got my boots back from the repair shop. These boots have been with me for about 11 years. They got new soles, the zipper was repaired and they got an overall shine. They look brand new but still broken in.

And with one of my favorite AT-AT/Dali t-shirt.

How did I make the shorts?

A friend bought me a copy of  Make Your Own Clothes  which comes with the PatternMaker Basic Reader. You choose from the patterns that come in the book, open that file, put in your measurements and you get a pattern you can then print and tape together. I started with the pattern for elastic waist pants. Since you can control how long your pants are, I just put in measurements for shorts.

However, as you can see below, and how I saw in my first muslin, I needed to adjust the pattern. I tried altering from the muslin and had little success. So, I took a favorite pair of pants and chalked the seam lines onto my second muslin. Can you see the difference?

For the waistband, I used the one from Gertie’s pencil skirt but cut it short and did a side zipper. I did end up cutting the shorts shorter than I thought I would want them but I like how they look.

Anyone into winter shorts?

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