Here they are! I’m loving how these shorts fit and feel. I think I finally have the right amount of waist ease so that I am comfortable sitting, crouching down and playing on the floor with my kids.

I wasn’t sure what length to hem them to and my sewing buddy Stacy encouraged me to “show my gams”. I know I’ve lived in the U.S. since 1992 and one of my parents is American but I had never heard this saying. I think it’s hilarious. I can’t stop using this new to me word. Gams…hehe


Yes, same tights. I love these tights. Need more. And more colors. All the colors.

I had hubby take this pic when we were at the playground with the kids. I’m also giving you a sneak peak of my Two Zip Hipster (click to go to the pattern). I love this bag. I had forgotten that one of my favorite bags when I was traveling in Australia (4 months, yo) was a zippered hipster. I’m re-living the fond memories.

…with my shorts.

Anyone else enjoy sewing with suitings? I absolutely love them. All kinds. Any fabrics you want to experiment with?